Our certified applied vet behaviorist is here to help pets and families when a behavioral problem arrises

Behaviour medicine and animal welfare

Dr Laura Gillioz

Expert in animal behavioural medicine

Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Studies (CEAV) in Clinical Ethology and Domestic Animal Welfare

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When to call a veterinary behaviorist

  • As soon as an animal is adopted: to establish a good basis and prevent the development of unhealthy or inappropriate behavior.
  • At puberty: to carry out a behavioral assessment of the animal, raise possible emerging problems and discuss a potential sterilisation.
  • In case of behavioral problems:
    • Aggressivity
    • Destruction
    • Anxiety, fears
    • House-soiling
    • Relationship problems
    • Etc.
  • If you have concerns about your pet’s needs and well fare

The purpose of this type of consultation is to evaluate all the factors that may affect your pet’s behavior in order to be able to explain the origin of the disorders and offer an adapted therapy.

Once the assessment has been carried out, we offer you practical solutions.

We set up a behavioural therapy which aims to modify the causes of the problem (modification of the environment, learning, habits…).

We can also refer you to special trained animal instructions or coaches.

If deemed necessary, medication may also be used to support the success of the behavioural therapy.

How does a consultation take place?

The first consultation lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. It allows the diagnosis to be made and the therapy to be set up.

During the consultation, if there are no counter indications, the animal will be left free in the room and will be offered various activities as to observe its behavior. Do not hesitate to bring your pet’s favorite treats and toys!

The behavioral consultation is primarily a discussion between the veterinarian and the pet’s owners. We recommend that you make videos of undesirable behaviors and/or problematic situations beforehand so that they can be studied during the consultation.


The follow-up will depend on the therapy needed and the animal’s progress.

In some cases, a single consultation is enough to solve the problem. Whereas sometimes, more than one consultation is needed to adresse and solve the problem fully.


  • First consultation CHF 266, including detailed report
  • Follow-up consultation CHF 175


Dr Gillioz is at the practice every Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Videoconference consultations can also be offered in case it is difficult to bring the animal, or if you live very far. Video consultation can also be offered for follow-ups